Mindset is the Key to Your Succcess!

Make learning new information easier with hypnotically-enhanced study habits ~ and pass that exam, whether it be in school or for a work promotion!

There's so much hypnosis can help with! Your mind is very powerful, having a huge effect on your life through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.  Whether your goal is behavioral change or improving physical well-being, hypnosis can help you succeed.

Hypnosis Coaching programs available specifically for Adults & Teens diagnosed with ADHD who find themselves struggling with certain aspects of this condition.

All success begins in the mind!

New Horizons in Hypnosis has been getting a new look!

This is my new website that is still somewhat under construction.  

It's a work in progress (and yes, the website designer is your's truly).  Much of the content is here now, but descriptive text and other information may be missing in some places, or not necessarily be correct, until it is finalized. If you come across these areas during your visit today ~ sorry for the inconvenience! There is content and information that I still need to transfer over from my old archived website, and a few of the brand new features are not yet in place.  But as time permits each week, I'll be continuing to add and update more and more of it.

Please WATCH THE VIDEO on the "BLOG" page (i.e. my first post entry).