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Linda E. Donalds, CHt.
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

Weight Loss Programs

I love working with people who are committed to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Whether your weight loss goal is those last 10 pounds that you just can't seem to shake, or you have quite a few pounds to lose and nothing else you've tried before has seemed to work -- I can help you!

In particular, I specialize in helping people
who need to lose weight for major medical reasons,
such as those who have Type 2 Diabetes or who have had Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery.

PRIVATE 6-Session Weight Loss Program:
Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Loss

This is a basic weight loss program that is ideal for people who have a weight loss goal of 35 pounds or less.  Although I will tailor each session to your individual needs, targeting those areas that are most critical to your success, here is an example of what may be addressed during each of your six sessions.

Session #1 - Physical Hunger: Making Healthy Choices

Session #2 - A Body in Motion: Exercise Motivation

Session #3 - Emotional Eating: Healthier Ways to Address Feelings

Session #4 - Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Past

Session #5 - Body Image: Confidence & Self-Esteem

Session #6 - Set Point: Maintaining Your Ideal Weight


GROUP Coaching: TLS Weight Loss Solution
12-Week Webinar-Based Group Coaching Program

Self Hypnosis Spiral Image
Do you struggle to lose weight?  Do you go on a diet, only to feel deprived? Or you achieve you weight loss goal, and then went off of the diet, only to gain it all back again (or maybe more than you lost)?
TLS is not a Diet! Other programs tell you what they think works; With TLS, it's all about what works for you. TLS is about education and implementation, not limitation. The only limits in TLS are those you put on yourself. Anything is possible when you Live the Lifestyle.

TLS Weight Management Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification and body composition, offering an extensive plan that covers everything you'll need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods you can and cannot eat. In fact, a big part of TLS is helping you make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet.

TLS teaches you about low-GI impact eating and how to identify new favorite foods, creating new, healthy behaviors, and improving body composition to get your metabolism operating in high gear.

So it's time to get off the diet roller coaster, and time to start Living the Lifestyle.  

Learn How to Lose Weight
and Keep It Off Naturally!

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PRIVATE 12-Session Weight Loss Program:
The "Bariatric Surgery for the Mind®" Program

If your BMI is <30 and you have weight loss goal of 35 pounds or more, and/or you have had bariatric surgery, then you should consider making the commitment for this comprehensive weight loss program designed specifically for the obese client as well as the pre/post bariatric surgical patient.

The "Bariatric Surgery for the Mind®" Program was created by:
Rosemarie Schulman RN, BA, CH, CI & Life Coach
Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny, CH, Life Coach, Post Bariatric Patient

 CLICK HERE to Download the BSFTM Brochure!
174.3 KB  [PDF File]

A Comprehensive Program designed especially for those clients who have had (or are about to undergo) gastric by-pass, sleeve, or banding surgery.  For those clients who have not had bariatric surgery, you will be able to experience, through hypnosis using your imagination, having undergone virtual weight loss surgery.  When your subconscious mind believes your stomach has been altered to be smaller, you will eat less and lose weight.

Welcome to the most amazing plan available for the Bariatric patient.  When you make the commitment to enter into this program for the Obese and the Pre/Post Bariatric Surgical Patient, it will, if followed completely, empower you with the mental control necessary for a lifetime of successful weight management. This method is different than any other you may have embarked upon in the past, because it puts you in the driver’s seat.  You are in total control.  The role of the hypnotist can be compared to that of the tour guide. However, you will be given a map, the map to success, and all you have to do is want to reach your destination and you will succeed.  You owe it to yourself!

When you choose to commit to the BSFTM Weight Loss Program, your life will change in ways you can only imagine.  You are about to embark on one of the most exciting, yet fearful journeys of your lifetime.  Most people who set out on this trip consider it to be all about the eating; however this is a journey that will be guided by your emotional compass. This is where hypnosis will come in.  Your mind controls everything within you.  Your thought process, is what got you into this obesity lifestyle in the first place.  Now, your powerful subconscious mind is going to be the driving force to get you on track and keep you on track.   Unlike the short term effects of willpower, you will be changing negative thoughts into strong, positive thoughts that will reinforce your determination for the rest of your life.


This first session is very important because this is where we get to know each other.  It is a much more detailed, thorough intake process than is conducted in the basic 6-session weight loss program.  You will have to be willing to share details about yourself and your relationship with food.  As the hypnotist, we need to know all we can about your eating habits in order that we can help you change your old habits and prepare you for your journey towards surgery.  If you are a per-surgical patient who is considering bariatric surgery, it is very likely that you will be asked to lose some weight in order to qualify for surgery.  If so, we will help you.  We will want to know what kinds of food you are having difficulty with.  We will need to know the amounts you eat, the times you eat, which vitamins you will need to take and how they will affect you. We will discuss the new “Bariatric” rules of eating versus your current rules and the importance of these changes. There are many forms to be completed and we will take care of the financial contract in this session.

During the hypnotic portion of this session, you will experience a magnificent connection with your subconscious mind and you will come to the realization that you are in charge of your own life and your own future.  You will emerge knowing that anything is possible and your relationship with food is no longer as important as you believed it once was.  You see yourself as a success and you will be so excited and ready to proceed with your preparation for surgery.  You will be “Changing Your Life by Changing Your Mind”. During this session ,you will learn the powers of  Self Hypnosis         


This hypnosis session sets the foundation for your journey and reinforces your commitment to yourself.  It will help you to make healthy lifestyle changes in a much easier and more enjoyable way.


This could very likely be the most important part of this whole program, particularly if you are looking for a reason to succeed.  All past attempts have resulted in failure because you have been looking for success for all the wrong reasons.  This session is an amazingly powerful way in which to return something that was taken from you so many years ago, the power of self.  From the time you were born, you were programmed by outside influences.  Your parents were the first ones to program you, followed by your siblings, friends, teachers, religion, government and your partner or spouse.  You never really got a chance to program yourself.  Well now you will understand how to look at your life in a whole different way.  You will be given back power over your own life.


Whether you have had the Gastric Bypass, lap band, or gastric sleeve, or you wish to mimic the effects of bariatric surgery, you will have to make some major adjustments in your mind set. During this session, you will experience Bariatric Surgery without a scalpel. You will experience, through hypnosis using your imagination, having undergone virtual weight loss surgery. A Unique – one of a kind – bariatric experience that will introduce your mind to the concept of lap band surgery leaving you with the mental effects of a stomach restriction. When your subconscious mind believes your stomach has been altered to be smaller, you will eat less and lose weight. We refer to this as “Bariatric Surgery for the Mind”. If you have already experienced actual surgery, we have a plan for that too.


This session we will go over diagrams of post operative digestive track.  You will understand how your anatomy has changed and how those changes affect you. You should understand the concept of the minimized stomach in order to understand what you have experienced during  the last session. During this visit, we will review your understanding and compliancy.  We will guide you gently through the transference process and help eliminate any fears or anxiety you may have.  During the hypnotic portion of this session, you will be given the power of a positive outlook to the future.  You will be given the power to heal yourself more rapidly and understand that your mind controls your body.  You will leave confident with the decision you have made for the future.


Like the newborn child, you must learn many life lessons from scratch.  In this session, you will come to terms with how to deal with life as you shed your fat.  For years, you have successfully lived behind this layer of artificial protection which, as sad as it made you feel, gave you a sense of security and a feeling of power against the world outside of you.  Now, as that shield melts away, you will learn how to empower yourself.  You will, maybe for the first time in your life, feel and believe that you are as important as everyone around you.  You will let go of the past and focus on the future.  Your feelings of vulnerability will diminish.  You will become strong in yourself.


As you go through this process of weight loss, you will find that there will be changes in your relationship with those around you.  As you get thinner, your self confidence will build.  Your role as a “second class citizen” will gradually diminish and others will notice the differences in you. This may lead to stress within these relationships.  During this session, you will come to terms with the changes in yourself and those around you and learn how to handle them before they become problematic. You will accept that you are #1 in this equation.  You will understand why you must love yourself before you can have true and happy relationships with others.  You will learn how to teach those around you what to expect and allow them to accompany you on this journey.  This approach takes the stress out of change that could, and has been known to, compromise your success.


In this session, we will look in depth at the progress you have made.  We will revisit and reinforce with hypnosis any aspects of the previous sessions where you need to go further in your process of letting go and healing your past, and adopting new healthier habits, ensuring that your new slim self can break free and stand tall with greater confidence!

Session #9 - EATING TO LIVE

Throughout your dieting life, you have come to look at food as the enemy.  Your relationship with food has become distorted and therefore your obsession with it has increased.  You have used food as an emotional pacifier.  When you were lonely, you ate.  When you were sad, you ate.  When you were stressed, you ate.  You ate for any reason because in your old world, food was comfort and could help you through any and all situations.  During this powerful session, you will develop a new relationship with food.  Your subconscious mind will cancel out those food connections and you will learn how to deal with those emotions directly. After this portion of the program, you will understand that food is not to be feared.   Your relationship with food is the key to your success; therefore, this step is an extremely important element in your life changing program.  Like the newborn, you  will learn to eat all over again.  You have to educate your body and your mind in the art of healthy eating You will emerge from this session, understanding that your love for yourself is much greater than your love for food.  


This may well be the most important step to your success.  For too long, your opinion of yourself has been that of a “second class citizen”.  As the fat piled on to your body, you became less and less sure of your own importance.  You not only lost faith in yourself, but you’re ability to obtain long term success.   You are important and you will emerge from this session reassured in that knowledge. The difference in saying it and understanding it through hypnosis must be experienced to be understood. Your life responds to your thought patterns and once those patterns are changed, your life changes.  You will learn how to regain your power.  You will understand why you can do anything you put your mind to. Self praise and respect will become your new “comfort foods”. With self hypnosis, you will reinforce this knowledge every day and over time you will become a true force to be reckoned with.  Your self-respect and pride will make you realize that you can in fact do anything you set your mind to do.  You will declare your rightful space in this world of which you are such an important link.


In this session, we will again look in depth at the progress you have made.  We will revisit and reinforce with hypnosis any aspects of the previous sessions where you still need to go further in your process of letting go and healing your past, and adopting new healthier habits, as we continue to ensure that your new slim self can break free and stand tall with even greater confidence!


By the time you get to this point, you will have lost so much girth yet gained so much worth, that it is imperative that you devise a plan to keep you motivated right into the future.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and this is about the most important thing you have given yourself in a long time!  You have learned so many important things about yourself and your power over that self.  You are in the driver’s seat and there is where you must stay for the rest of your life.  Remember, your mind is the most powerful asset you own.  Once you decide that you want something and you notify your subconscious mind of that decision, nothing nor no one will have any power over it.  You are the only one in charge of you.

Clients are most successful in staying motivated and keeping on track to reach thier healthy weight goal, when they elect to continue hypnosis sessions either in-person at my office or with HypnoCoaching® sessions via Skype.  In the last of this 12-session series, we will establish your plan for the future.