Linda E. Donalds, CHt.
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

CL Past Lives

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Many people believe that after we die, we are reborn again into a new life, and that the life we are living now is interconnected to those we have previously lived. Are you curious about your past lives? Who were you, where and how did you live? Learning something about those lives you have already lived, is about getting to know yourself better – your strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents and abilities, connections to other human beings, the origin of current behaviors or feelings, and even to find purpose and direction in your life. By gaining insight and wisdom from your past life experiences, you can achieve a greater understanding of how to improve situations and move forward in this current life.

In this workshop, you'll be guided into a relaxed state using hypnosis so you can connect with your subconscious mind and journey back in time to explore your past lives. Afterward there will be time for sharing the results of your journey with others in the group. Please bring a notebook and pen with you to record your thoughts after each journey.

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You are not required to read or know anything about PLRs before for attending my workshop.  However, many folks have asked me for book suggestions in order to learn more, and having some prior knowledge does enhance your experience of the workshop.  This list can get you started learning about this fascinating topic.

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Nov 4rd

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 Aquarius Sanctuary Bookstore
288 Littleton Road, Rte 110 
(in the Gateway Building)
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 692-8288

(Group meets upstairs in Suite 26.)

To sign up, please call:
(978) 692-8288

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To sign up, please call:
(508) 246-2721