Linda E. Donalds, CHt.
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

CL Pain Management

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Whether you are
dealing with pain from a
chronic illness or disability, healing after an operation or injury, or even if you just have a headache, it is useful to remember that there is a psychological component to the perception of pain, which means that you can influence how you experience it.  Pain is something that can be significantly altered using mind-body techniques like hypnosis, which have been shown to work by lowering the brain's response to pain signals.

(NOTE: Pain is an important signal from the body that something needs attention. Since the causes of pain are many, accurate medical diagnosis and treatment by a licensed medical professional should always be sought before using hypnosis.)

In this workshop
, you will learn some powerful techniques using Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and NLP to help you have better control over your experience of pain, so you can feel comfortable in spite of your condition and have it become a manageable aspect of your life.

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(Meets 2 times for
2.5 hour Classes)

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